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Gorbar Eduard Volodimirovich — Scientific and Educational Center
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Gorbar Eduard Volodimirovich


Lead researcher, doctor of physical and mathemathical sciences (defended in 2010)

Department of astrophysics and elementary particles

email:  gorbar@bitp.kiev.ua
phone: 521-31-05
BITP: room  209

Topics of bachelor's and master's theses (generic name of the subject):

  1. The study of the quantum Hall effect in graphene

Recent publications on the topics of master's theses :

  1. E.V. Gorbar, V.P. Gusynin, V.A. Miransky, «Dynamics and phase diagram of the quantum Hall state in bilayer graphene», Phys. Rev. B, 81, 155451 (2010).
  2. E.V. Gorbar, V.P. Gusynin, V.A. Miransky, and I.A.  Shovkovy, «Dynamics in the quantum Hall effect and the phase diagram of graphene», Phys. Rev. B, 78, 085437 (2008).
  3. E.V. Gorbar, V.P. Gusynin, and V.A. Miransky, «Toward theory of quantum Hall effect in graphene», Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur, 34,1007, 2008.

Books and reviews on the topics of master's theses :

  1. D.S.L. Abergel, V. Apalkov,  J. Berashevich, K. Ziegler, and T. Chakraborty, «Properties of graphene: a theoretical perspective», Advances in Physics, 59, 261 (2010);  arXiv: 1003.0391.
  2. M.O.  Goerbig, «Electronic properties of graphene in a strong magnetic field», arXiv: 1004.3396.